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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Domain Name

The first step in the direction of owning your online website is to register a cheap domain name. But that proves a dilemma these days. Since the start of the internet, millions of websites are active. And this number is increasing day by day. All of these current and new websites need a unique domain name which acts like an address in the real estate of the internet.

These numbers are huge which make difficult to find the desired domain name and if you are lucky enough to find one, it may be too expensive. But before you start searching, here is a list of things you have to keep in mind about registering a domain name:

Awful Terms of Service

Accept this harsh fact. Nobody bothers to read that long, boring and difficult to understand terms of service provided by the domain registrar. And it is true for all things we buy online including web hosting. But beware; some of them may hide really horrifying terms in these documents like transfer-out fee and power of attorney. So, always take the time to read these terms.

Fees Charged on Transfer-out

This is one of the hidden terms in terms of service which is charged by many registrars. By accepting this term, you are authorizing them to charge a fee from your credit card when you transfer your domain name to some other registrar. In some cases, this transfer-out fee may cost you 2 or 3 times more than the original registration. It is against ICANN policy so if you notice this charge simply call your credit company to reverse the transaction.

Pay-as-you-go Options

This may seem as a good way to register the cheap domain name but in reality you are offering interest-free loan to your registrar and that also for several years.

So how it works?

You get domain registration for 5 years in an attempt to get discounted rate. You think it will be registered for 5 years. But in reality, some registrars will pay the registry only for one year and the rest of the money goes to their pocket. For remaining 4 years, each year you have to pay for one year subscription to renew your registration. You can use several tools such as EasyWhois for verifying the actual time of your domain registration.

Whois Edit Charges and Locks

A publically reachable database known as Whois is used to publish the details related to your domain registration. This happens each and every time a domain is registered with the registry. It is one of the primary functions of the registrar to offer you the ability to change these Whois domain records. The registrars who are claiming to sell cheap domain names have other plans to extract money from you. They will charge a hefty amount as administration fee every time you want to change domain details on Whois database. Some others registrars will apply a lockdown on your domain for two months after you change these records so you cannot transfer your domain name to the different registrar.

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