Top Reasons to Use Dedicated Hosting Pakistan

Dedicated Hosting

Over the years, many new developments have been made in the web hosting market. Each of its type has improved and become more efficient than its earlier stages. Same is true for dedicated hosting Pakistan. Large organizations and firms have high demanding websites. The attributes needed to host such websites are only offered by dedicated servers. If your website has to handle heavy traffic or work on processor-intensive apps, this type of hosting should be your first choice. Dedicated web hosting has many advantages other than catering heavy traffic which we have listed below:

Offers Maximum Control

Purchasing dedicated hosting package enables you to balance the server load depending on your needs. You get ultimate control over adjusting memory and CPU usage.

Access to More Tools and Applications

With this type of hosting, company will give you root access of the server which means you can customize your web hosting environment the way you want. You can choose how to manage your server and which web applications, software and tools, your server should have.

Solely Dedicated to You

The name is self-explanatory and displays its better quality than others. By choosing dedicated hosting Pakistan, you get a dedicated server with single user to cater i.e. you. All of its resources belong to you without any obstacle. You are free to use this server the way you prefer.

The Cost Factor

On the surface, dedicated server may seem bit pricey and you will think to reconsider other hosting options available. But it’s worth every penny spent on it. The dedicated server will be totally assigned to your needs and it will be secure, productive and reliable. Calculate the loss your company has to face, in case your website is constantly down and your customers are not able to access it. Then compare it with the cost of dedicated hosting. Surely the cost will be less than the loss you will bear.


Whether you are hosting a large website or numerous large websites on a shared server, this practice will play havoc to server performance and you will not get any benefit for such large amount of hosting charges. However, if you choose dedicated hosting Pakistan from AMcosoft Pvt Ltd, the server performance will be enhanced and it will be cost-effective.

Install Any Script You Want

When you get shared hosting, it becomes really difficult and almost impossible to choose about the web hosting environment. The web hosting company does not allow you to install scripts which consume processor power as it will affect performance of other websites residing on the same server. But you get the freedom you need in dedicated server as you can install the scripts of your choice.

More Secure than Shared Server

Your website is your greatest asset when you are doing business online. But the security of it is largely compromised when you host it on a shared server. By getting dedicated hosting, you can fairly eliminate this danger by installing the security software you want. As no one can access your data as the server is entirely dedicated to you.

Maximum Server Performance

Purchasing a dedicated server means you are availing services of the most capable traffic officer. This server will manage and control traffic of your website and can cater unexpected spikes efficiently.

Achieve Your Goals

If you want to achieve goals of drawing more visitors, readers or traffic on your website, these can only be materialize through dedicated hosting Pakistan. Not only this, it will be able to handle advanced web applications and software.

Supremacy over Other Types

Despite being costly, the fact is it is more superior in every aspect, specification and ability so get dedicated hosting and enjoy peace of mind.

We are sure the above mentioned facts are enough to convince you about advantages of this type of hosting. AMcosoft Pvt Ltd not only offers ready-made dedicated hosting packages but also customized packages to suit your needs. Ask our customer care if you need further details about dedicated hosting Pakistan!

How to Take Maximum Advantage of Windows VPS Hosting?


VPS hosting Pakistan is now becoming popular day by day for website hosting. But limiting this type of hosting for only one purpose will be an injustice. VPS hosting packages can be used for number of reasons. Virtual Private Servers use Linux and Windows as operating systems. A hypervisor is used to host Windows VPS server. A compliant environment, powered by dedicated memory resources and CPU, is provided for your applications. In this post, we will specifically deal with different purposes of using Windows VPS hosting.

For Hosting a Website

Like any other web hosting server, VPS server can be configured for hosting, storing and sharing information of your website with your visitors. Windows virtual private server offers content by utilizing NNTP, FTPS, SMTP, HTTP and HTTPS. As compared to Linux OS, Windows VPS hosting can effortlessly work with most frequently used web frameworks like ASP, Perl, .NET, PHP and many others.

For Deploying RemoteApp and Virtual Desktops

Organizations and firms can offer their end users virtual desktop sessions by combining Windows VPS with Active Directory. As an organization, you can gain a lot from deploying VPS server. It can be used to provide your employees a virtual desktop setup in collaboration with Remote Desktop services. This infrastructure will enable them to login and access their work files and documents from any device, anywhere and anytime. The end users of such services can access specific applications. Just they have to configure the Remote App or install these local applications. Windows VPS is best for handling multiple users in a single session. AMcosoft Pvt Ltd offers scalable VPS hosting Pakistan at cheap rates.

For Hosting SQL Database

Most organizations and firms take advantage of SQL database as its best for organizing, keeping and restoring information and data from other databases. Using Windows VPS gives an edge over Linux VPS as this OS can work with MySQL, MS SQL and other database platforms which are using SQL. There are two ways to reap benefit from this server: use it as a backend for website or work with SQL server Express and/or Microsoft SQL Server.

For Hosting Windows Applications

You need a powerful processor and hefty amount of dedicated system resources when you are working with windows applications. Nowadays, many organizations are dependent on these applications for smooth functioning of vital operations. You can use VPS hosting Pakistan as a disaster recovery option by installing your imperative apps on Windows VPS. You can work with these apps anywhere and anytime. You will just need a smart device with DP protocol such as iOS, Mac, Windows or Android.

For Using PowerShell Scripts

These scripts enable you to automate tasks for Windows OS. PowerShell scripts have become a popular tool which allows users to automate these tasks. A specific logic surrounds these kinds of commands. However, automating tasks is a processor-intensive process so you need a robust hosting solution. Windows VPS hosting Pakistan is just perfect for powering PowerShell Scripts. You can find number of resources like tutorials and helping documents to understand and use these scripts. Along with these scripts, you can use Task Scheduler application for performing any task at a given time. You can use PowerShell Scripts for data scraping, business intelligence tasks and data manipulation.

So don’t limit yourself with Windows VPS but take full benefit of this flexible web hosting option. Get VPS hosting Pakistan from AMcosoft Pvt Ltd with unlimited features.

Choose the Best Web Hosting Server for Your Business

Choose the Best Web Hosting Server for Your Business

New website owners spend a good time in learning about web hosting in Pakistan, website designing and development. But they don’t have any idea about the hardware of web hosting. You have to be an expert in web hosting; otherwise you will not know the essential specification of web hosting server, infrastructure and data center. However, most technical experts also don’t have basic knowledge of web hosting hardware and its terms. Every web hosting company has different set of hardware specifications. In this post, we have presented basics of web hosting servers:

Why Web Hosting Server is Important?

There are different types of web hosting available in web hosting business. But regardless of the type, a physical server is needed to power them. How much portion is allocated to your website is the basic different between these types. The data of your website is stored on this server at a data center whether you choose reseller, VPS, shared or dedicated hosting.  This can be located anywhere in the world. The web hosting company like Amcosoft Pvt Ltd would be responsible to manage the power, networking and security of your web hosting server. Our company has multiple data centers with hundreds of servers located at different locations. Web hosting servers are made up of similar components like the P.C but more powerful and efficient.


There are two important parts of the server you are getting for web hosting in Pakistan:  hardware and software. Both of them are quite different from each other. The applications and data used to develop operating system and related functioning tools are known as the software of your server. On the other hand, hardware is referred to the physical parts of the server like circuits, motherboards etc. Most of the webs hosting servers have same hardware components unless you want a customized server for your website. But the software of the server always varies depending on your needs.

Following are the basic components every web hosting server has:

Hard Disk Drives

The moving part of the server is known as hard disk drive and it is used to store memory on long term basis. For your understanding, this is like the CD or DVD of your regular PC. But it has faster rates of spinning and an arm stretches across the bundle of disks. These disks magnetically save data and information. There is a direct link between the memory of the server and the HDD, the more HDD means your server has more room for saving programs, files and data.

Central Processing Unit

All the processors and microprocessors used in your server of web hosting Pakistan are collectively known as central processing unit or CPU. The web hosting server’s entire logic circuitry is contained in the CPU. This means all commands and instructions reside here and the CPU will order the tasks according to your request. More cores of the CPU mean it can think faster.

Basic Input/output System (BIOS)

The entire program controls which are essential for performing automatic functions are present in this part. These functions are needed for starting working of your server of web hosting in Pakistan so when you turn on the server, BIOS also turns on. All the output and input functions of the operating system and the devices attached to the motherboard, come under this system.


You can take this part as the college common room as all of the other rooms are linked with it for control and communications of the combined parts. It is the basic circuit of your server of web hosting in Pakistan and other hardware parts are attached with motherboard.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

All the data of application programs and operating system are stored on this part of your server of web hosting in Pakistan. This facilitates the use of information by the processor. Storage methods which use read/write operation are not that much faster like RAM. Memory is stored here on short term basis. RAM used in shared hosting servers is slow as compared to use in dedicated hosting servers.

This information will be sufficient for making an informed decision. Amcosoft Pvt Ltd offers the most affordable web hosting in Pakistan so don’t miss the chance!